Well, this all started because I was going to compile everything into one spot. Daily life posts, rants, sharing all my favorites. So, I started importing everything and then decided it might be better to start fresh and keep it separate.

Here you will find my favorites and please share your favorites as well!

Published by Unsure "Adult"

I am a open book blogger who loves to share everything in opens of helping someone else. I enjoy discovering the joys of being a parent to a few crazy boys & a wife to their amazing father. My hobbies include photography, exercising, play-dates, arts and crafts, & cooking. In August of 2013, we moved to another state where we have given our family a fresh start. It is the beginning of a new adventure that has inspired me focusing on our debt and working towards our dreams. Follow my blog daily to get your dose of crazy stories, child's humor, & eye-opening adventures!

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